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Il Circolo Italiano, Where the Wolfpack Can Experience a Little Bit of Italy Right Here in Raleigh
Are you interested in a club rich with Italian culture and language? Are you hoping to be part of an organization with dedicated and passionate leaders? [...]
Academic Press Fosters Global Conversations
Through collaboration and innovation, the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures is home to an academic press that publishes books from leading scholars throughout the Americas. [...]
A Hindi-Urdu Cultural Night: Come and Have a Wonderful Evening with Us!
आइये और हमारे साथ एक शानदार शाम बिताइये !  (Hindi) ایے اور ہمارے ساتھ ایک شاندار شام بیتایےؑ  (Urdu) Come and have a wonderful evening with us! The Hindi-Urdu Program and the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures would like to invite the NC State community to our annual "Hindi-Urdu Cultural Night" on Friday, November 20th, 2015. [...]
Meet Rajan Singh, First Student to Complete Portuguese Minor
The NC State Foreign Languages and Literatures Department is delighted to congratulate Rajan Singh (class of 2016) on being the first student to complete a minor in Portuguese. [...]

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Welcome to our corner of the world

As a student in NC State’s Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, your education isn’t confined to a classroom. It spans every corner of the globe. And that’s a good thing, because once you earn your degree you’ll be prepared for an exciting career that could take you anywhere. 

Our students don’t just learn to recite foreign phrases or conjugate verbs. They learn how to communicate. How to adapt to new cultures and interact with different people. In other words, they learn skills that are priceless in today’s global marketplace — and they become productive citizens in their own communities as well as around the world. So no matter where your career takes you  from the classroom to the corporate boardroom  you’ll stand out among your peers.

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Where do you want to go?

We teach courses in 15 different languages and offer a Bachelor of Arts in Foreign Languages and Literatures with concentrations in Asian Language, French, German Studies and Spanish — plus an MA in Foreign Languages and Literatures and minors in 12 languages. In other words, we put the world at your fingertips. Keep browsing and you will find out much much more!