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Classical Studies at NC State

Classical Studies introduces students to many aspects of ancient civilization: the arts, history, philosophy, and the Latin and Greek languages. These are the source of many important intellectual and artistic achievements of Western civilization.

Law, medicine, the arts, and politics have been profoundly influenced by their roots in the Classics. In addition, Greek is the language of the New Testament; and Latin developed into the Romance languages, which include French, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese. Moreover, Greek and Latin words are the source of almost half of English vocabulary.

Courses in Classical Studies not only provide knowledge of fundamental ideas of Western thought, but also foster a critical, inquiring spirit informed by a 3000-year perspective that reaches to the heart of education in the Humanities.

We currently offer minors in Classical Greek and Classical Studies, and a minor in Latin is coming soon.

In the Spotlight: Russell Gentry

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“At a young age I was drawn to Classics by a Greek mythology picture book my parents gave me. Since then I have enjoyed studying about ancient history and Classical civilizations. I am fortunate that I have had the opportunity to study both the documentary and physical remains of antiquity, for my focus in studying Classics has been archaeological. Enamored with discovering and studying the artifacts of Greece and Rome, I have been able to participate in archaeological fieldwork for the past 5 summers, excavating and traveling in Eastern Europe and the Middle East."