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Dr. Greg Dawes

Picture of Dr. Greg Dawes

Distinguished Professor


Born in New Jersey, I spent the formative years of my childhood in Córdoba, Argentina and have lived in Spain, Nicaragua, Mexico, Peru, Costa Rica, and Chile.  My wife, Marcia, our two daughters, and I return to Chile as often as we can.  I received my B.A. and M.A. degrees from the University of Northern Iowa (1980, 1982) and my Ph.D from the University of Washington (1990).  I teach courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels on Latin American literature and culture in general and poetry in particular.  I also teach cultural theory at the graduate level. I have been a visiting professor at the University of North Carolina--Chapel Hill and at the Universidad de Chile.


Twentieth and Twenty-first century Latin American literature and culture

Latin American Poetry

Cultural Theory


I just finished a book-manuscript on Pablo Neruda's poetry and politics from 1956 to 1973, titled Multiforme y comprometido:  Neruda después de 1956, which has just been published with RIL Editores in Chile (2015).  I am now working on a book tentatively titled, Poetry for the Masses:  Latin American Bards in the 60s.


My books include Aesthetics and Revolution:  Nicaraguan Poetry, 1979-1990 (Minneapolis:  University of Minnesota Press, 1993), Verses Against the Darkness:  Pablo Neruda’s Poetry and Politics (Lewisburg: Bucknell University Press, 2006), (Editor and contributor) Mario Benedetti, escritor uruguayo contemporáneo: estudios sobre su compromiso literario y político / Mario Benedetti, Contemporary Uruguayan Author: Studies on His Literary and Political Commitments (Lewiston / Queenston / Lampeter: The Edwin Mellen Press, 2008), Poetas ante la modernidad: las ideas estéticas y políticas de Huidobro, Vallejo, Neruda y Paz (Madrid:  Editorial Fundamentos, 2009) and Multiforme y comprometido:  Neruda después de 1956 (Santiago:  RIL Editores, 2015). I have also published articles on Mario Benedetti, Ernesto Cardenal, Vicente Huidobro, César Vallejo, Pablo Neruda, Octavio Paz, and on cultural theory.  



(Since 2007):


Conference Papers and Lectures

 “La intertexualidad indispensable en Geografía infructuosa.”  Session Chair.  Neruda después de 1956:  nuevas aproximaciones.  Latin American Studies Association.  Washington D.C.  May 29-June 1st, 2013.

 “Opening Remarks.”  1st Annual Nazim Hikmet Poetry Festival.  Gregg Museum of Art & Design.  North Carolina State University.  19 April 2009.

 “El ‘insilio’ de Nicanor Parra:  Sermones y prédicas del Cristo de Elqui.”  Modern Language Association.  San Francisco, California.  December 27-30th, 2008.

 “Self-Criticism as a Moment in the Dialectic:  Neruda’s Memorial From Isla Negra.”  The Southern Comparative Literature Association.  Raleigh, North Carolina.  September 27-29, 2007.

 “La vanguardia como estética compensatoria del anarquismo:  el caso de Neruda.”  The Latin American Studies Association.  Montreal, Canada.  September 5-8, 2007.


Invited Presentations:

“La ardiente paciencia del testigo:  Neruda y la Unidad Popular.”  Invited by the Fundación Pablo Neruda—La Sebastiana and the Universidad de Viña del Mar, Valparaíso, Chile.  4 May 2012.

  “Las elegías irreverentes de Neruda.”  Invited by the Fundación Pablo Neruda—La Chascona, Santiago, Chile.  2 May 2012.

 “Neruda’s Irreverent Elegies.”  Guest Speaker at the 4th Annual Nazim Hikmet Poetry Festival.  Page Walker Arts & History Center, Cary, North Carolina.  15 April 2012.

 “La ‘paciencia ardiente’ del testigo:  Neruda y la Unidad Popular.”  Invited by the Department of Spanish & Portuguese, the Department of Comparative Literature, the Davis Humanities Institute, and the Hemispheric Institute on the Americas at University of California—Davis.  8 March 2012.

 “Future Directions of Digital Publishing in Latin American Studies.”  Invited by the Department of Spanish & Portuguese.  University of California—Davis.  7 March 2012.

 “Cien sonetos de amor:  del amor irrenunciable al amor social.”  Fundación Pablo Neruda, La Chascona.  Santiago, Chile.  11 March 2011.

 “En torno a Fin de mundo.”  Encuentro Internacional:  Poesía y diversidades.  Perspectivas críticas en el bicentenario.  Santiago, Universidad de Chile.  30 de agosto-2 de septiembre, 2010. [Invited by the conference organizers.]

 “Neruda ante la crisis del ’56.” Fundación Pablo Neruda.  La Chascona.  Santiago, Chile.  19 October 2009.

 “En torno al realismo y vanguardismo en Residencia en la tierra.” Fundación Pablo Neruda.  La Sebastiana.  Valparaíso, Chile.  16 October 2009.

“En torno al realismo y vanguardismo en Residencia en la tierra.”  Departamento de Literatura y la Cátedra Pablo Neruda de Poesía Chilena, Universidad de Chile.  Santiago, Chile. 14 October 2009. 

“Neruda ante la crisis del ’56.” Fundación Pablo Neruda.  Isla Negra, Chile.  9 October 2009.

 “Hacia una nueva teoría de la vanguardia:  Vallejo, Huidobro, Neruda y Paz”.  Pontificia Universidad Católica, Santiago, Chile.  8 January 2008.


I am the editor of A Contracorriente (, a refereed journal on Latin American studies, which is published three times a year, and which was founded in 2003.  I am also the General Editor of Editorial A Contracorriente, a press linked to the journal.


  • Ph.D. in Latin American Literature from University of Washington, 1990