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Arabic Language and Culture

Arabic is the spoken language of over 280 million people in 22 countries; it is one of the five official languages of the United Nations and is the religious language of over one billion Muslims. Arabic, the language of one of the major civilizations in history, was used to produce a wealth of important historical documents which include works in poetry, philosophy, history, science and theology. Presently, Arabic has taken center stage as a language which is critical to know. Unfortunately, the glaring deficit in competent Arabic language speakers in the United States is all too apparent and seriously impedes the United States’ ability to establish positive and informed relationships with the peoples of the Middle East and North Africa. By taking Arabic at NC State, you can help change this.


Arabic Language and Culture Major Concentration

NC State offers a major in Foreign Languages and Literatures with a concentration in Arabic Language and Culture. Students in the Arabic Language and Culture major concentration will acquire skills to effectively communicate in Arabic using both spoken and written forms of the language. Interdisciplinary study will build confidence and enable students to appropriately interact with diverse populations in the Middle East. In addition, students will develop important cultural competency in the Middle East, with many completing study abroad programs in the region.

Information about the Major

Arabic and the Middle East Studies Minor

Successful completion of FLA 201 satisfies the language requirement for the Middle East Studies Minor at NC State. Arabic courses taken beyond the FLA 201 level will also count towards the minor as electives.

Arabic and the International Studies Major

Successful completion of FLA 301 or FLA 330 satisfies the language requirement for the International Studies Major at NC State.

Intensive Beginning Arabic in Summer Session I

Intensive Beginning Arabic courses are taught at NC State during Summer Session I. For class information do a Class Search for Summer Term I for all FLA courses.

List of Courses 

The first and second semesters of Arabic (FLA 101 and 102) will satisfy the NC State University foreign language requirement. The third semester of Arabic (FLA 201) will satisfy the language requirement of the College of Humanities and Social Science, the College of Management, and the First Year College.

  • Beginning Arabic I (FLA 101) 
  • Beginning Arabic II (FLA 102) 
  • Beginning Arabic Conversation Labs (FLA 103, FLA 104)
  • Intermediate Arabic I (FLA 201)
  • Intermediate Arabic II (FLA 202)
  • Intermediate Arabic Conversation Labs (FLA 203, FLA 204)
  • Advanced Intermediate Arabic I (FLA 301)
  • Media Arabic (FLA 330)
  • Modern Arabic Short Story (FLA 440)
  • Senior Seminar (FL 492)
  • Special Topics in Arabic for Advanced Students (FL 495)


Jodi Khater
Arabic Section Coordinator and Senior Lecturer
Email: jskhater@ncsu.edu 
Office:  411 Withers Hall
Phone:  919-515-2509 (email is best) 

Dr. Inas Messiha 
Arabic Teaching Asst. Professor
Email: itmessih@ncsu.edu 
Office: 205 Withers Hall 
Phone: 919-515-9279

Bethany Farag
Lecturer, Arabic
Email: bethany_farag@ncsu.edu
Office: 209 Language and Computer Laboratories Building 

Arabic Language & Culture Faculty Listing