Undergraduate Program Assessment

Educational Objectives for French, German, and Spanish Majors

  •  Develop oral proficiency in the target language consistent with the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) proficiency rating of advanced-low.
  •  Acquire reading and writing proficiency in the target language consistent with an ACTFL proficiency rating of advanced-mid.
  •  Understand the common heritage of, and diversity among, countries that speak the target language.
  •  Communicate and interact effectively with citizens of the target cultures.
  •  Comprehend the ways in which the target civilizations and cultures and have evolved historically.
  •  Demonstrate the ability to think critically and interpret literature and culture through an analysis of the content and style of written works, literary or otherwise.

Student Learning Outcomes for French, German, and Spanish Majors

  •  Speak the target language at a level of fluency so as to communicate effectively with members of the target cultures.
  •  Write the target language in formal expository prose without grammatical errors that impede communication..
  •  Use communicative skills and cultural awareness to travel, study, work, and live in the target country.
  •  Understand in an informed manner the civilization and culture of the target language.
  •  Demonstrate a critical understanding of the patterns of social interactions, as well as the meanings, attitudes, values, and ideas of the target cultures.
  •  Research and interpret primary texts, literary or otherwise, in the target language in historical and cultural contexts using secondary resources.


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