Information about Document Formats

HTML Files

  • Browse to the form and print it out as needed, or link to the form from your course web site. Students should follow the instructions on the form.


  • Click on the form to open it in MS Word or WordPerfect (for PC systems configured to allow this)
  • Or right-click (PC) or click-and-hold (MAC), then choose to download the file to your workstation. Next, open the file using your word processor.

PDF Files

  • A PDF reader from Adobe is required to read these files.

Key Administrative Forms for FLL Faculty

  1. Alumni Survey (doc)
  2. Conflict of Interest / External Professional Activities for Pay (HTML)
  3. Course Action Forms, etc. ( Undergraduate | Graduate )
  4. Disenrollment Form (pdf)
  5. Equipment Tracking/Home Use Form (pdf)
  6. Fair-use info and Worksheet (pdf)
  7. Graduate Faculty Status Form (pdf)
  8. Student Misconduct Forms
  9. Textbook Order Form NEW - NC State Bookstores | Tutorial
  10. Textbook Adoption Memorandum, Provost Nielsen
  11. Teaching Assistant Class Observation Form (Nov 2013) (doc)
  12. Teaching Observation Form 1 (pdf | doc | wpd)
  13. Teaching Observation Form 2 (pdf | doc | wpd)
  14. Teacher Observation Form 3 (HTML)
  15. WebCT Vista Course Request Form (HTML)
  16. Provost's Teaching Awards (HTML)
  17. Teaching Evaluation Dashboard (HTML)
  18. Teaching Portfolio Template (doc)

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