4. Standards for Appointment to Lecturer and Appointment/Promotion to Senior Lecturer

4.1 Standards for Appointment to Lecturer

4.1.1 Ability or potential in the mutually agreed upon realms of responsibility.

4.1.2 A master’s degree, an equivalent degree, or equivalent professional experience.

4.2 Standards for Appointment/Promotion to Senior Lecturer. After five years teaching as a lecturer in the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures (or in exceptional cases, some other department at NC State), a faculty member who has satisfied at least three of the following six criteria (4.2.1a-f) may apply for promotion to the rank of Senior Lecturer. In all cases, excellence in teaching remains the most important criteria:

4.2.1 (a) Evidence of excellence in teaching undergraduate courses, as documented by consistently strong student (ClassEval) and peer evaluations of teaching, as well as any supervisory/departmental evaluations that have been conducted. Candidates may also have received awards or other sources of formal recognition of their excellence in teaching.

4.2.1 (b) Evidence of willingness and ability to work effectively with colleagues.

4.2.1 (c) Engagement with curriculum development and/or course design/revision, as is evidenced by syllabi and pedagogical materials or student work presented in a teaching portfolio.

4.2.1 (d) Evidence of professional development, which may include but is not limited to: attending or presenting at regional, national or international meetings/conferences and/or attending or presenting at workshops in the discipline, on effective instructional practices, instructional technology use, critical thinking, collaborative learning, etc.

4.2.1 (e) Contributions to the department beyond assigned teaching responsibilities which may include, but are not limited to: committee service, mentorship, advising, etc.

4.2.1 (f) A record of professional engagement in the discipline and/or extension outside of the University (FLANC leadership, Volar, HS visits, program recruitment, etc.)

4.3 Promotion from Lecturer to Senior Lecturer. Although standards for promotion to Senior Lecturer are specific to the Department, the process for promotion is the same for all departments in the College.

4.3.1 During spring annual meetings with the Department Head, either the Head or the faculty member may bring up the subject of promotion, and discuss the candidate’s readiness. Should they agree to move forward with an application for promotion, the Head will provide a deadline for applications, a description of the process to be used for screening applicants, and a description of the materials that must be submitted.

4.3.2 If appropriate, the Department Head will appoint a committee to review applications during the fall semester and make a report to the Department Voting Faculty (DVF) by early March. Alternately, the Head may provide information directly to the DVF for their evaluation and vote..

4.3.3 In March or April of each year the DVF, defined in university regulation, or their designees will meet to discuss these recommendations and vote on whether or not to promote each applicant.

4.3.4 The results of these votes will be reported to the college human resources officer.

4.3.5 Terms of appointments for Senior Lecturers shall be a minimum of three years.