Information for FL Computing Lab Personnel

Procedure for Foreign Language Placement Testing

  1. Verify the student’s’ NC State identification card before s/he takes the placement test to ensure that it is the same person taking the test.
  2. Students are allowed to take the placement test only once.
  3. They may not take it if they have already taken an FL course in the same language at NC State.
  4. Monitor students as necessary: no study-aids, web sites, or electronic devices of any kind are allowed while students are taking the test.  It is an Honor Code violation if theses policies are not adhered to by a student.  If there is a violation, document the incident and report it to the FLL Associate Department Head.
  5. Please have a working knowledge of the Foreign Language Placement Testing & Requirements.
  6. After students take the placement test, tell them that they should keep the score printout for their FL instructor.  Stamp the printout of score with the raised seal, write the course placed into, sign, and date.
  7. If students have any questions after taking the placement test, please send them to the Associate Department Head.  Lab assistants are not expected to advise students regarding foreign-language requirement and policies.
  8. From time to time, there will be a non NC State student requesting to take the exam.  Direct such a student to email the Associate Department Head for permission to take the exam.  The student will be given a test ID #.

Thank you for your assistance in overseeing FL placement testing.