Information for Orientation Leaders

  1.  Please familiarize yourself with the information on foreign language placement and testing.
  2. The Laundry Lab staff show the students how to access the placement test on the lab computers. Keep in mind the following information:
    1. Computerized tests are available in Chinese, French, German, Spanish, and Latin.
    2. For students wishing to take a placement test in another language, they will need to contact the appropriate language section coordinator in order to arrange for a placement test during the first week of fall semester classes.
    3. For students wishing to begin a language they have not previously studied, they should register for FL 101 of that language.
  3. Students may take the placement test in a given language only once. Inform students to try their best on the placement test in order to be placed at the level that matches their level of foreign-language proficiency.  It is important that students retrieve their printed placement score before leaving the lab, register for the course they placed into, and bring the placement score to the first day of their FL class for the instructor.  Note: Placement scores are uploaded each day from the Lab placement score database into the student's MyPack Portal by Registration and Records.  The score appears at the bottom of the student’s Transfer Credit Report.
  4. (4) We need OL's to bring students to the lab in a timely and orderly manner, to keep the lobby quiet, and to direct students to their next destination; during busy times we might need OL's to help out in the lab. We do not expect OLs to know answers to the questions students and parents may have; OLs do need to know however where needed information can be accessed on the FLL web page or to tell parents and students to contact the Associate Department Head
  5. Please contact Scott Maddox, who oversees the College’s Laundry Computer Lab, where 
    the testing will take place should any technical problems arise.
  6. Please refer to the “Placement Information” and “Frequently Asked Questions” when needed. All other placement questions and problems should be directed to the Associate Department Head.
  7. Dr. Marchi or an FL Advisor will be present to answer questions during the larger placement testing sessions. Students may also email the Associate Head at any time.  
  8. Some incoming students have taken the SAT-II, AP, or IB FL test.  The placement levels  are listed on the placement information page.