There are many reasons to study French. You might want to live in Paris and work in the fashion industry, or travel the country, exploring the wonders of French culture. Earning a major or minor in French could also open doors to careers where intercultural communication is essential. Whether you want to go into education, marketing, tourism, medicine, law, or any other field, a second language can give you a significant advantage.

At NC State, majoring or minoring with a concentration in French combines the best of both worlds. You’ll get practical training in writing, conversation and reading – along with exposure to culture in the form of literature, cinema, art and music.

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As a Foreign Language major with a concentration in French, you have two options when it comes to your degree: the BA in Foreign Languages with a concentration in French Language and Literature gives you a broad education in language and culture, or the BA in Foreign Language Education (French) concentration offers a customized track for future teachers.

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Getting a minor in French is a smart way to make your degree even more marketable. No matter what your major is – from computer science to veterinary medicine – knowing how to speak a second language can set you apart from everyone else.

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Speaking French Will Increase Your Job Opportunities and Salary Potential.

Life Outside the Classroom

With a concentration as rich and vibrant as French, you can’t help but have fun while earning your degree. After all, if you’re learning to speak a new language, you may as well find some interesting people to speak it with, right? NC State offers plenty of clubs, societies and activities to give you that extra joie de vivre.

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