German Major Concentrations

By the time you graduate from NC State, you’ll be looking for jobs with others who are just as ambitious as you are – which means you need to give your education a competitive edge. Our three different degree tracks do exactly that. Each track requires a full semester of study abroad or a three-month internship in a German language work environment. Where do you want to take your career?

German Studies

This track is for students who want to focus on cultural studies. You’ll gain a well-rounded understanding of German that can prepare you for careers in business, education, media, international relations and more.

This track requires 23 general education credits, 31 college credits, 39 credits in German studies and 29 free electives.

German Studies Semester-by-Semester Plan

German Studies – International Economics concentration

Students who want to learn a language and study economics can become a true force in their field of interest with this track. You’ll advance your knowledge of economic policy, international trade and other business-related areas that can give you plenty of career options after graduation.

This track requires 23 general education credits, 31 college credits, 33 German studies credits, 15 economics credits and 20 free electives. Contact in the College of Management: Dr. Andrew Nowel.

International Economics Semester-by-Semester Plan

German Studies - Science and Technology concentration

There’s no question that students studying science and technology are gaining a distinct advantage over other recent grads when it comes to landing good jobs, which is why this track is becoming more popular than ever. Contact for engineers: Dr. Brian Koehler.

This track requires 23 general education credits, 25 college credits, 33 credits in German studies, German science and German technology courses and 41 free electives. This track is only available as a second major, combined with a major in engineering, the sciences or other fields such as architecture, veterinary medicine and agriculture.

Science and Technology Semester-by-Semester Plan