Application Information

We offer a Master of Arts in Foreign Languages and Literatures with two concentrations: Spanish and French. Indicate your concentration of choice on your admissions application.

What Should I Know Before I Apply?

Admission to the Foreign Languages and Literatures graduate program is competitive. Here are the baseline criteria for applying. GRE scores are not required for admission.

  • A baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university 
  • Undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or above
  • Language fluency must be demonstrated, and is determined by the writing sample and speaking sample in the target language (French or Spanish).
  • Non-native speakers of English must meet Graduate School English proficiency requirements.
  • Non-native speakers of English who wish to be considered for a teaching assistantship must score at least a 27 on the Speaking section of the TOEFL.
  • Some applicants may be given provisional admittance; full admittance may be achieved by taking and passing with a B or better three graduate-level courses conducted in the target language and approved by the Director of Graduate Programs.

How Do I Apply?

Start Here: Graduate School Admissions Online Application

  •  Identify three academic references who can attest to the applicant's academic ability to undertake successfully graduate study in French or Spanish.
  •  Statement of Purpose (part of online application)
  •  Writing Sample (attach to application as a PDF)
  • Speaking Sample (attach to application as .mp3 or .wav format)
  •  TOEFL scores as needed (part of the online application)
  • Official transcripts of all undergraduate and graduate work. (You can upload unofficial copies as part of your application, then submit official copies if/when admitted.)
  • Documentation of U.S. citizenship, permanent residence, or student visa (if/when admitted)
  • Send hard copies of official transcripts of all undergraduate and graduate work to the Graduate School:

Application Deadlines

  • February 1: Fall semester application deadline for any applicant who wishes to be considered for a Teaching Assistantship.
  • February 15: Fall semester application deadline for International Students (without consideration for a Teaching Assistantship).
  • May 1: Fall semester application final deadline for US Citizens (without consideration for a Teaching Assistantship).
  • We do not admit students for spring or summer sessions (Note: Up to 12 hours of graduate-level course work taken as a PBS student can be transferred in once admission to the program is granted).
  • Most teaching assistantship decisions will generally be finalized by March 1, and at the latest by April 16.

Concentrations in French and Spanish

You can complete concentrations in both French and Spanish. You will need 18 hours of FLS (Spanish) courses and 18 hours of FLF (French) courses (all at the 500- or 600-level) plus the required FL541 (and FL507 if you are a TA; TAships are for a maximum of two years/four semesters). You will receive one diploma but your transcript will show both concentrations. Your primary concentration would coincide with the language TAship to which you apply. You submit oral and written samples for both concentrations.

Language Sample Information

Below is information about how to prepare the required samples for your application.

  1. Personal and professional statement, written in narrative form, specifying reasons for pursuing the MA.
  2. Describe your career goals and research interests, as well as your publications, work experience, and academic honors and organizations. You may also include information about your achievements, talents, background, experiences, and traits that will contribute to the enrichment or diversity of the University or community, beyond your academic credentials.
  3. Language: Written in English
  4. Length: 300 word maximum
  5. Submitted as part of the Graduate School online application
  1. This is separate from the Personal Statement uploaded as part of the Graduate School online application
  2. Content: The writing sample is to be a research paper, analytical in nature, demonstrating the applicant's critical thinking and expository skills, and is to treat a literary, cultural, pedagogical or linguistic topic. We expect applicants to provide a writing sample that is knowledgeable, demonstrates a thorough development of the thesis, shows good analysis and synthesis of the material, and reflects critical inquiry and interpretation relevant to the chosen topic, whether it be literary, cultural, pedagogical or linguistic in nature. It must include a bibliography.
  3. Length: 5-8 word-processed pages, 1" margins, 12 pt font, double-spaced
  4. Language: In the target language (French or Spanish)
  5. Submitted as part of the Graduate School on-line application
  1. ubmit ONE audio file as part of the admissions application (mp3 or wav) wherein you provide a recording of yourself doing the following in the target language (French or Spanish):
    1. A 30-second introduction of yourself (not to be something written that you are reading).
    2. A one-minute explanation of the reading sample (see #3) that you have selected to record and why you selected it (not to be something written that you are reading).
    3. A one-minute minute reading of a piece of French or Spanish literature of your choosing.
  2. If you need software to make the recording, consider using Audacity.
  3. Submitted as part of the Graduate School on-line application.