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Departmental Course Catalog

Complete Graduate Course Listing
(updated 7/31/2013)
FL Courses
FL 505 Issues and Trends in Foreign Language Education FLE
FL 506 Instructional Technology in FLE: Addressing the National Standards
FL 507 Teaching Foreign Languages at the College Level
FL 508 Second Language Acquisition Research: Interlanguage Development
FL 541 Critical Approaches to Literature and Culture
FLF 502 Variety in Language: French
FLF 503 Issues in the Acquisition of L1 and L2 French
FLF 511 Approaches to French Translation
FLF 516 Art and Society in France
FLF 521 French Culture and Contexts
FLF 525 Literature, Cinema and Culture of the Francophone World
FLF 592 Seminar in French Studies
FLF 595 Special Topics in French
FLF 630 Independent Study in French (More)
FLF 675 Special Project in French
FLF 688 Continuous Registration - Half Time
FLF 689 Continuous Registration - Full Time
FLS 502 Linguistic Structure of Spanish
FLS 503 Spanish Applied Linguistics
FLS 504 Spanish Language Change and Variation
FLS 509 Spanish Phonetics and Phonology
FLS 510 Spanish Dialectology
FLS 511 Spanish Sociolinguistics
FLS 515 History of the Spanish Language
FLS 525 Poetry and Politics in Latin America
FLS 526 Cultures, Discourses and Practices of Early Modern Spain
FLS 527 Spanish Golden Age Theatre
FLS 528 Don Quixote
FLS 530 The Cultural Production of Spanish Democracy
FLS 553 The Latin American Avant-Garde
FLS 554 The Sixties in Latin America
FLS 563 The Latin America Novel
FLS 592 Seminar in Hispanic Studies
FLS 595 Special Topics in Spanish
FLS 630 Independent Study in Spanish (More)
FLS 675 Special Project in Spanish
FLS 688 Continuous Registration - Half Time
FLS 689 Continuous Registration - Full Time
FLS 743 History of Spanish and Language
FLS 790 Special Topic in Hispanic Studies
FLS 792 Seminar in Hispanic Studies
FLS 793 Studies in Golden Age Literature and Culture
FLS 795 Studies in 19th Century Spanish Literature and Culture
FLS 796 Studies in 20th and 21st Century Spanish Literature and Culture
FLS 797 Studies in Colonial Latin American Literature and Culture
FLS 798 Studies in 20th and 21st Century Latin American Literature and Culture
FLS 799 Seminar in Literature and Culture of One Latin American Country

Courses not yet approved
FLS 521 Latin American Cinema (Description)
FLS 522 Writing Conquest (Description)
FLS 593 Testimonial Literature in Latin America (Description)
FLS 598 The Latin American Essay (Description)