Seminar for Teachers
Summer 2014

Avignon, France
"La Théâtralité et la réalité dans le théâtre français moderne



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Dr. Mary Ann Witt

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Dr. Mary Ann Frese Witt of North Carolina State University will direct a seminar on modern French theater, to be conducted in French, for U.S. teachers and graduate students preparing to teach, from June  30 through July 31, 2014 in Avignon, France.  The seminar will consist of intensive reading and study of major twentieth-century plays by Anouilh, Sartre, Genet, Ionesco and  Beckett.  In addition, NEH summer seminar participants will have the opportunity to attend and discuss plays produced at the annual Avignon theater festival. Applications are due March 4, 2014.  Successful applicants will receive a $3900 stipend. 

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