Dr Valerie A Wust

Associate ProfessorSection Coordinator, French Program

Picture of Dr Valerie A Wust

Teaching and Research Interests

Second Language Acquisition

Second Language Pedagogy

Variationist Sociolinguistics


  • The Acquisition of Grammatical Gender in Instructed L2 French
  • The Impact of Pedagogical Sequence on Past Tense/Aspect Acquisition in Instructed L2 French
  • Adapting American L2 French Textbooks for a Canadian Audience (with Geneviève Maheux-Pelletier of the University of Alberta) 
  • Oral Comprehension of Clitics by L2 Learners of French


  • Wust, V., & Roche, C. The impact of form-focused instruction & awareness activities on L2 learners’ acquisition of grammatical gender in French. The French Review (In press).
  • Wust, V., & Book Brown, B. (2012). Teaching the imparfait and passé composé in French: New findings on sequence. The Journal of Linguistics and Language Teaching 3 (2): 285-310.
  • (2010). L2 French Learner’s Processing of Object Clitics: Data from the Classroom. L2 Journal 2 (1): 45-72.
  • (2010). Pronominalization in French: Bridging the Gap between Research and Practice”. The Journal of Linguistics and language Teaching 1 (1): 75-110.
  • (2009). A la recherche des clitiques perdus: The Dictogloss as a Measure of the Comprehension of y and en by L2 learners of French. The Canadian Modern Language Review 65 (3): 471-499.
  • (2009). Review of Fanny Forsberg’s 2008 book “Le langage préfabriqué: Formes, fonctions et fréquences en français parlé L2 et L1”. The Canadian Journal of Applied Linguistics 12 (2): 84-85.


  • Ph.D. in French Languages, Literatures and Linguistics from University of Alberta, 2006
  • M.A. in Applied Linguistics from University of Alberta, 2000
  • B.Ed. in French and English from University of Alberta, 1998