Module 1 Public Services

  • Talking about services and governmental departments
  • Understanding Iranian governmental structure and contrasting to American departments
  • Learning about the private and public sectors of Iran
  • Surviving in real-life situations in a bank, post office, etc.
  • Getting a general knowledge about the Iranian educational system

Module 2 People and Health

  • Discussing one's health
  • Talking about various body parts and symptoms
  • Making doctor's appointments
  • Asking about and buying medicine and personal care products
  • Talking about herbal remedies

Module 3 Outdoors

  • Talking about outdoor activities
  • Negotiating specifics of a trip based on a weather report
  • Discussing and negotiating appropriate clothes and equipment for various weather conditions or terrain
  • Bartering necessary items for a trip
  • Matching places to a map
  • Explaining the operation of a machine
  • Team translation