Module 1 Newspapers and Media

  • Becoming familiar with news sites such as Voice of America and Radio Farda
  • Learning about the Iranian press, dailies, weeklies, and other periodicals
  • Becoming familiar with the preambles Persian newscasters employ  
  • Learning about different categories of news such as political, economic, commercial, arts, & cultural
  • Recognizing headlines and commenting on them
  • Learning about continents, the Far East, the Middle East, etc.
  • Becoming familiar with the diction and rhetoric used in the media
  • Listening to a news item and summarizing the main ideas

Module 2 Rural and Urban Life

  • Learning about rural life in Iran
  • Comparing and contrasting rural and urban life in Iran
  • Comparing rural life in the North and South of Iran
  • Talking about important issues in Iranian rural and urban life

Module 3 War

  • Learning about the Iran-Iraq War
  • Learning about the military
  • Talking about the war as it relates to individuals
  • Using military terminology