Unit Eight

Module 1
Module 2
Module 3


Module 1

  • Reading formal writing style as found in newspapers
  • Relating shopping experiences
  • Talking and reading about interests, skills, hobbies and sports
  • Learning about natural and unpredictable disasters such as earthquakes, landslides, etc…
  • Reading news related to war & terrorism
  • Reading news related to the war between America and Iraq
  • Talking about different body parts, diseases and symptoms
  • Reading  news related to Health

Module 2

  • Asking about and describing people's current and former jobs
  • Describing daily activities and times
  • Telling and asking about leisure activities
  • Discussing and negotiating appropriate clothes / equipment for various weathers or terrains
  • Talking about vacations and places visited
  • Buying groceries and relating shopping experiences
  • Using polite expressions and taarof in party situations
  • Understanding Iranian customs and traditions
  • Making hotel reservations

Module 3

  • Present tense to be, to have, what do you do, want to buy
  • Past tense to be, to have, what did you do, went, want to buy
  • Possessive pronouns
  • Question forms / intonation (formal)
  • Statement form / intonation (formal)
  • Adjectives: place, good / bad
  • Why yes answers to negative questions
  • Direct / indirect quote
  • am _______ but I would like to be ________.
  • Present stem of the verb
  • Past stem
  • Changing first person singular to third person singular
  • Conjugating two-word verbs
  • Comparative / superlatives
  • Infinitives
  • Quantifiers / classifiers
  • The subjunctive mood
  • The marker ra
  • The ezafe construction
  • Prepositions