Project GO – Application Walkthrough and Applicant Q&A

Dec 10, 2020 03:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Project Go


Welcome to Project Global Officer (GO). This program is a Department of Defense initiative that is funded by the Defense Language and National Security Education Office and administered by the Institute of International Education. The U.S. military needs future military officers who possess the necessary critical language and cross-cultural communication skills required for effective leadership in the 21st century operational environment.

NC State is honored to be a part of this important endeavor for over 6 years. Project GO – NC State promotes critical language education, a study abroad experience and intercultural dialogue opportunities through language study for ROTC students. Currently, the principal language programs are in Arabic.
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The first webinar for Summer 2021 applicants is November 17, 2020, at 3:00 PM (ET).  These webinars are designed to help walk through the the online application, provide application tips, and answer any questions. Please sign up for the webinar and Zoom link with the following:

Project GO -NC State Study Abroad to Jordan 2019


  • Overview: This intensive Arabic language program is designed to cover an entire academic year of Elementary Arabic learning in less than 6 weeks of study on the NC State University campus.
  • Academics: Students will study Modern Standard Arabic and writing. They will be required to complete 150 contact hours, earning a total of 8 credits in foreign language. Classes will meet in morning and afternoon sessions, 5 days a week. The morning courses will consist of a more traditional language learning format and will be instructed by highly experienced NC State Foreign Languages and Literatures Department faculty. The afternoon courses will focus on authentic cultural situational communication and cultural competence. They will also focus on preparing for the Oral Proficiency Instruction (OPI) assessment and be led by instructors who are trained in the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) methods and standards. Students will participate in a speaking partners program with native speakers from the Qasid Arabic Institute in Amman, Jordan for 2 hours per week.
  • Accommodations: Students are not able to live on the NC State campus. They will receive a stipend for local accommodations. It will be the students’ responsibility to stay within budget or be able to pay the difference. There are many local apartment complexes that may offer subleases. However, Project GO will partner with University Towers, an independently-owned residence hall to secure a block of rooms to be available for students. This facility is located off Hillsborough Street, directly adjacent to campus. Students will also receive a stipend for meals and may purchase a dining plan, grocery shop and/or eat at local restaurants.
  • Program Dates: Domestic: May 17 - June 25, 2021
  • Housing Options:
  • North Carolina State University:
  • Questions? Shanna Ratashak,
  • Overview: This intensive Arabic language program in Amman, Jordan provides students with the opportunity to live and study in a region considered critical to the world stage.  Students will significantly enhance both their Arabic language proficiency and their understanding of the human condition in the surrounding area.  Through the rigorous program of daily classes, cultural tours and excursions, students will learn to distinguish and identify culture-specific characteristics as they relate to ideas, values, attitudes and social structures in the Middle East.  Included overnight excursions to the city of Petra, desert of Wadi Rum and the Aqaba as well as, local trip to the Ajloun Castle.
  • Academics: Minimum requirement is the successful completion of Arabic 101/102, Preference for those applying for 200 and 300 level. The dialect studied is Modern Standard Arabic. Course placement will depend upon a completion of an on-site written and oral assessments and through consultation with the program director for Arabic Study. Students will be required to complete 160 contact hours and will earn 12 credits in foreign language.
  • Accommodations: Students will reside in shared apartments managed by the Qasid Institute.  Standard housing includes: shared kitchen, common area and shared bedroom/bathrooms, wireless internet access, drinking water on-site and maintenance support services. Student apartments are usually within a 10 minute walk to/from Qasid facilities, grocery stores, restaurants, markets and a gym.
  • Program Dates: June 12 - August 14, 2021
  • Qasid Arabic Institute:
  • Questions? Contact Shanna Ratashak,

All Scholarship Applicants

  • In order to be eligible for ANY Project GO program, an applicant must fulfill each of the following requirements at the time of application:
  1. A U.S. citizen.

  2. An undergraduate or graduate student on track to commission through the Army, Naval, or Air Force Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC), contracted or non-contracted, at a regionally accredited college or university in the United States.

Study Abroad Applicants

  • In addition to the preceding requirements, an applicant for the study abroad program must also meet each of the following requirements at the time of application and for the duration of the program:
  1. Remain in ROTC for the duration of the program.

  2. Not be commissioned officers.

  3. Be in an inactive, non-drilling status.

  4. Not be employed by the U.S. federal government or any foreign government.

  5. Possess a valid, current passport or have applied for a passport

  • Newly commissioned officers awaiting active duty, drilling members of the National Guard or Reserve, and Army Green to Gold members are ONLY eligible to participate in Project GO domestic programs.

Study Abroad Additional Requirements

  • At this time, all Project GO- NC State study abroad applicants are required to begin the second step in the application process through the NC State Study Abroad Office.
  • NC State Jordan Program:
    • Begin this second application and complete as much as possible. You will be notified if and when it is necessary to pay any fees associated with the second application.
    • However, the following important elements (1-3) need to be completed and submitted at your earliest convenience, preferably by January 25.

  • 1.      The Signature Verification Form: once completed, this form will allow you to use an electronic signature for the remainder of the application. The form can be found within the application. If you have a passport it would be ideal if you used this as your proof of identification for this form, which will allow you to check the expiration dates and be sure it does not expire before and/or the dates of the Jordan trip.
    • Instead of sending it via mail, you have permission to print and scan the email PDFs directly to the NC State Study Abroad Office at
  • 2.      The Home Institution Form: You will need approval from your home institution to participate in a study abroad sponsored by another school.
    • This form may also be scanned as a PDF and emailed directly to the NC State Study Abroad Office at
  • 3.      Transcripts: Unofficial transcripts may be scanned and submitted as part of the initial application to NC State Study Abroad Office.  However, IF you are chosen to receive a Project GO scholarship you will need to send official transcripts to complete your application.
  • 4.      Statements:  The NC State Study Abroad application also requires you to complete written statements.  You may use the ones previously written for the GO scholarship and edit to fit the prompts. 

Not Eligible for Project GO Scholarships

  1. Non-U.S. citizens

  2. Active duty military members (not participating in ROTC)

  3. Navy Seaman to Admiral Program members

  4. Officer Candidate School participants

  5. JROTC students

  6. Service academy students

  7. Federal government employees

Project GO –NC State offers fully funded scholarships for the domestic and study abroad programs. If selected to receive scholarship funding, participation does not add an additional service requirement and Project GO funds do not adversely affect a student's ROTC scholarship in any way.

Please note, the following categories are all estimates. Those marked with an * are subject to change and student budgeting.

Domestic Scholarship covers:

  • Tuition / Fees for Coursework at NC State for 8 credit hours
  • Lodging Stipend ($1,150)*
  • Meal Stipend ($1,050)*
  • Travel Expenses for non-NC State students ($350)*
  • Textbooks ($100)*

Domestic Scholarship DOES NOT cover:

  • Parking
  • Non-program related activities
  • Expenses over the stipends

Study Abroad Scholarship covers:

  • Tuition/Fees for NC State Program for estimated 12 credit hours
  • Housing/Meals ($1,000)
  • International Airfare ($1,900)*
  • Textbooks ($150)*
  • Insurance ($250)*

Study Abroad Scholarship do not cover:

  • Cost of passport
  • Personal expenses
  • Personal travel
  • Expenses over the stipends

The following are important dates to remember throughout the scholarship application process.  There may be additional deadlines proved by the NC State Study Abroad and Registrar’s Offices. Check back regularly.

  • Domestic Scholarship Application Due: February 17, 2021
  • Study Abroad Scholarship Application Due: January 13, 2021
  • Study Abroad Notification Day: February 12, 2021
  • Domestic Notification Day: March 11, 2021
  • For non-NC State students, you will need to apply as a Non Degree Seeking student at

Shanna Ratashak

Program Coordinator, Project GO – NC State
Withers Hall, Room 302

919-513-0119 office

910-574-6971 cell

Ruth Gross

Project Director, LTC and Project GO – NC  State

Withers Hall, Room 311
919-515-3343 office

Jodi Khater

Project GO - NC State Arabic Curriculum Specialist
Senior Lecturer and Arabic Section Coordinator

Withers Hall, Room 411

919-515-2509 office

It is important that all scholarship recipients register ASAP.   Use MyPack portal or go to the NC State Registrar’s website at

Look under the tabs Term: Summer Session 1, Course Subject: FLA.  

You will register for a total of 4 courses.

FLA-Arabic:  Elementary Arabic

  1. FLA 101, 001-LEC (1986) AND
  2. FLA 102, 001-LEC (1987) AND
  3. FLA 103, Conversation:  001-LAB (2851) AND
  4. FLA 104, Conversation:  001-LAB (2852)

 For non-NC State students, you will first need to apply as a new Non-Degree Seeking or NDS student. This will allow you to register once you receive an email confirmation and are assigned a student identification number. Use the link:  You will also have to complete a residency determination service form or RDS.  Scholarship students' tuition and fees will be adjusted to reflect in-state tuition after you are registered and your bill will be paid directly.

 If you have any difficulties and/or questions regarding this process, please contact the registrar’s office directly or Shanna Ratashak for assistance.

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