Lower Level Courses - Spanish

The Spanish instructors at NC State hope you have a valuable learning experience in the class or classes you take. In order to promote a positive learning environment, we have established a series of policies for the courses. Please read the information on these pages carefully and pay attention to supplementary information that your instructor provides. IMPORTANT NOTE: As a result of COVID-19, alterations in policies have been implemented across the university. Some changes in lower level Spanish courses are necessary under current conditions. Your instructor will provide an official syllabus for your specific class. You are responsible for understanding and adhering to all policies presented in the syllabus you receive. Note: Schedules are subject to change with adequate notice.

Required Textbook

Spring 2020: FLS 101, 102, 105, 110, and 201

MindTap for Plazas, Cengage Learning 5th Edition, 2019

There are three options:

  1. MindTap Code Only – all electronic, purchase access code at Book Store or Online
  2. Loose-leaf Bundle (LLF print + MindTap Code) – electronic plus a loose-leaf textbook, purchase access code plus loose-leaf book
  3. CENGAGE UNLIMITED – 1 semester (4 months), purchase access code for this book and other Cengage products for one semester, follow instructions to add this book to Cengage account

Very important note: The book in one form or another is required. Students can make the purchase at the NC State bookstore or online. When using the NC State bookstore website, note that options are given and you must choose one. It may not say “Required” as some courses do but it is required.

(See Important Notes below)

Important Notes

  1. The textbook in one form or another is required. Choices are offered to give students options based on learning preferences and price points but it is required
  2. Purchase your materials as soon as possible. Bookstores do not guarantee to have books in stock for all students for all courses at all times but the option to purchase electronic access online increases the chance that you can have a book in some form when the semester begins. Bring the book (electronic or traditional) to class each day if your instructor tells you to do so.
  3. Possession/use of an Instructor-Annotated Edition (IAE) of the textbook is a violation of the code of student conduct for these courses. If you order the hard copy textbook online, be sure that you order and receive the student edition, and that you order it in plenty of time to have it in hand on the first day of classes. If you are sent the IAE edition, return it to the bookseller and exchange it for the correct edition.
  4. Students are cautioned to choose a product carefully before making a purchase. Some online components offer purchase options of varying lengths. A product cannot be extended free of charge if a student needs access beyond the expiration date.
  5. Students can now consider the Cengage Unlimited option. It is likely to be the best choice for students whose Cengage materials (for one class or more) cost more than $119.99/semester or $179.99/year. For Spanish, students get the same 4-term access that they get with the 4-term MindTap access code. If students in FLS classes with Plazas are taking any additional Cengage courses, the Cengage Unlimited subscription is the most affordable option. Students get access to their Spanish online courseware PLUS access to all Cengage ebooks, any other digital courses they may be taking, and study resources. When their subscription ends they will no longer have access to all Cengage content, but they will still be able to go into their Spanish MindTap accounts for the remainder of their term access. They also get a rental hard copy book for $7.99 + free shipping, for the length of the subscription access. Note that if a student only subscribes to the $119.99 1-semester term, the rental is only for one term. However, students can go to the “Print Options” tab in their Cengage account and see other options for rental/purchase, such as a loose-leaf book they could keep. Students who choose to use Cengage Unlimited need to purchase and activate their Cengage Unlimited account first. Once in their dashboard, they should search for “Plazas 5th edition” in the catalog and add MindTap to their dashboard. After it is added to their dashboard, they will click to access it and they will go through the registration process for MindTap.
  6. For Fall 2020: If you previously accessed Plazas 5e, MindTap in a course beginning Spring 2019, you do not need to make a new purchase.  Your access is continuous for a total of 24 months from the first time you accessed the course.  Your instructor will have the necessary information for accessing this semester’s course.
  •  A very few students may have active Plazas iLrn accounts. If you have never accessed Plazas 5e, MindTap, but you have previously used Plazas 5e, iLrn, and you still have time left on your iLrn subscription, you will qualify for transitional access to MindTap.  To do this:
  •  1) Confirm that your iLrn access has not expired. Log into iLrn and review your dashboard for a message that says “your book key has expired.” If you see this message, your subscription to iLrn has expired and you will be required to make a MindTap purchase. If you do not see this message, you are eligible for the transitional access. Go to Step 2.
  • 2) Call Customer Support at 1-800-354-9706 and refer to CASE ID 02791285. They will be able to assist you.
  • If you have never accessed Plazas 5e, MindTap or Plazas 5e, iLrn or you know that your iLrn book key has expired, you will need to make a purchase. You can go to the bookstore for the Plazas 5e, MindTap access code. You can also purchase directly from Cengage when you go through the course registration access. Refer to the registration video at  https://www.cengage.com/student-training/mindtap/not-integrated/ia-no/ which covers the registration process and purchase options, including the access code, a bundle, or Cengage Unlimited, or visit the NC State Book Store and speak with a Cengage representative during day-time hours the first week of class.