FLS 102 - Elementary Spanish II

Continuation of FLS 101. Development of communicative abilities within an integrated skills approach (speaking, listening, reading, writing). Introduction to the cultures of the Spanish-speaking world. Includes written and oral assignments of language structures and vocabulary. Conducted entirely in Spanish. Closed to native speakers of Spanish.

Schedules and Syllabi

Spring 2023

Fall 2022

Catalog Description

Use of Spanish through past tenses, regular and irregular, and various morphological and syntactical aspects. Emphasis on oral skills and increased cultural awareness. Written work and laboratory practice assigned daily. For more information about text book and other details see Lower Level Spanish.


At the conclusion of  the course, successful students will be able to do the following with sufficient accuracy to be understood by a native speaker who is accustomed to dealing with foreigners:

1. Communicative Skills

Successful students at the 102 level…

1.1 are able to express themselves in present time using short sentences addressing familiar topics, personalizing material and at times communicating in short strings of sentences; some accuracy in expression of other time frames may be evident
1.2 are able to meet some practical writing needs by following a model or using familiar material
1.3 are often understood by those accustomed to interacting with language learners
1.4 demonstrate listening and reading comprehension of short pieces of formal and informal Spanish in familiar contexts

Contexts in which students perform the language tasks and functions include:

1.5 Daily routine and health issues
1.6 Food and beverage preferences and restaurant visits
1.7 Clothing choices and shopping experiences
1.8 Holidays, celebrations and vacations
1.9 Air travel and lodging

Language functions include:

1.10 Describing a daily routine
1.11 Expressing preferences and desires
1.12 Making comparisons
1.13 Asking and answering more detailed questions
1.14 Relating past actions and feelings
1.15 Giving instructions

2. Cultural Knowledge and Skills

Successful students are able to…

2.1 identify countries and regions of the Spanish-speaking world
2.2 identify and describe distinguishing features of countries and regions in the Spanish-speaking world
2.3 give examples of the cultural and linguistic diversity of the Spanish-speaking world
2.4 describe influences of the history and cultures of the Spanish-speaking world on the student’s native culture
2.5 compare and contrast patterns of behavior in the cultures of the Spanish-speaking world and the student’s native culture