FLS 201 - Intermediate Spanish I

Continued development of communicative abilities for students with previous study of elementary level Spanish. Integrated skills approach (speaking, listening, reading, writing). Students will learn to function in everyday situations, expressing opinions and doubts, and narrating and describing in present, past, and future time, and will explore cultural issues through literary and other types of readings. Includes written and oral assignments of language structures and vocabulary. Conducted entirely in Spanish. Closed to native speakers of Spanish.

Schedules and Syllabi

Spring 2023

Fall 2022


Plazas: Lugar de encuentros, student textbook, 5th edition iLrn. See Lower Level Spanish for more information.

Catalog Description

Listening and speaking; development of a balanced foundation in all Spanish language skills. Idiomatic, everyday Spanish and cultural awareness. Class practice, laboratory and written homework.


At the conclusion of  the course, successful students will be able to do the following with sufficient accuracy to be understood by a native speaker who is accustomed to dealing with foreigners:

1. Communicative Skills

Successful students at the FLS 201 level…

1.1 express their own thoughts using sentences and short strings of sentences when interacting on familiar topics, demonstrating greatest accuracy when communicating in present time but exhibiting ability to include other time frames
1.2 are able to meet practical writing needs such as short letters and notes demonstrating good control of present time and evidence of some control of other time frames
1.3 are understood by those accustomed to interacting with language learners
1.4 demonstrate listening and reading comprehension of formal and informal Spanish in familiar contexts

Contexts in which students perform the language tasks and functions include:

1.5 Sentimental relationships including courtship and marriage
1.6 The world of work including jobs, professions, the search for employment and finances
1.7 City life, country life and conservation and exploitation of the environment
1.8 Television, film and fine arts
1.9 Government and politics
1.10 Technology

Language functions include:

1.11 Sequencing events
1.12 Communicating about past events relevant to the present
1.13 Making recommendations and exerting influence
1.14 Offering emotional reactions and opinions
1.15 Expressing certainty and uncertainty
1.16 Communicating about the future
1.17 Expressing conjecture

2. Cultural Knowledge and Skills

Successful students are able to…

2.1 identify countries and regions of the Spanish-speaking world
2.2 identify and describe distinguishing features of countries and regions in the Spanish-speaking world
2.3 give examples of the cultural and linguistic diversity of the Spanish-speaking world
2.4 describe influences of the history and cultures of the Spanish-speaking world on the student’s native culture
2.5 compare and contrast patterns of behavior in the cultures of the Spanish-speaking world and the student’s native culture 

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