Minor in Spanish

The Minor in Spanish is available to students working toward any undergraduate major except Spanish at NC State. The Spanish minor consists of 15 credits: FLS 202, FLS 331, FLS 332, and two electives. The Spanish minor webpage provides a list of elective course and additional information. Native and heritage speakers of Spanish should take FLS 335 Spanish for Native and Heritage Speakers instead of FLS 331, and substitute another 300 or 400 level course for FLS 332 (Please see Dr. Mark Darhower to find out if this option is appropriate for you). At least 9 hours of credit must be taken at NC State or through a study abroad program offered by the NC State Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures.

Convert a Minor to a Major

In most cases, you may only need five more courses to convert your Spanish minor into a major.

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Procedure to Declare a Minor

To declare a Minor in Spanish, complete the Minor Declaration Form (PDF) and obtain your major adviser's signature on it, and also complete the Registration & Records Minor Declaration Form.

Submit the minor declaration form to Dr. Mark Darhower, Spanish Upper Division Coordinator. Current office hours (405 Withers) can be found on Dr. Darhower’s homepage. After meeting with Dr. Darhower, you will need to take the Registration & Records Minor Declaration Form to 1000 Harris Hall.

Toward the end of coursework in the Minor in Spanish (when you have completed the courses or as soon as you register for the last course for the minor), students must complete a minor application form in order to certify completion of the minor and have the minor appear on their transcripts. To do this, consult Ms. Susan Navey-Davis, FLL Assistant Head for Student Affairs. Current office hours can be found on Ms. Navey-Davis' departmental home page. This should be done as early as is possible.

Send comments and questions to Dr. Mark Darhower.

Additional Information

For complete information about the Spanish Minor, see Academic Advising Services. Also, see the information on Spanish placement testing.