Congratulations to our Student Award Recipients

Withers Hall


Welcome to our Foreign Languages and Literatures Student Awards Ceremony Website:Professor and Chair, Ruth Gross

My name is Ruth Gross and I am Head of the wonderful department in which we teach14 different languages plus ESL.
We are a department with major concentrations in Arabic, Asian Languages (Chinese, Japanese, Hindi/Urdu), French, German Studies, Spanish, and Teacher Education, but we also have a body of outstanding students in our language programs without majors.
This awards page is a way of recognizing the excellent work that our students in all languages—whether majors, minors, or just interested parties—have accomplished during the past, rather strange, academic year.
In normal times, the Student Awards Ceremony is my favorite event of the year, as it
brings faculty and students (and their families and friends) from all of the languages
that we teach in this department together for the purpose of honoring our very best and
brightest students. It is the time we really become one world. This year things are a bit
different—we can’t meet face-to-face—but we can still joyfully acknowledge your
students who have excelled in your study of one of the many languages and cultures in
our department’s curriculum. To the students on this page—you are the ones we love to
teach—globally aware and ready to engage with different societies and cultures because
you can connect through your facility in the language and culture you have chosen to
acquire. You are the bright future of the global society.
We in Foreign Languages and Literatures hope to see many of you back in our classes in
the fall. In the meantime, congratulations on your outstanding work this year—we, the
faculty of FLL salute you.


Outstanding Achievement in First Year Arabic

Outstanding Achievement in Second Year Arabic

Outstanding Arabic Capstone Award

Outstanding Arabic Major

Khayrallah Center Prize for Outstanding Arabic Major

Trista Acebo
Samir Sefiane

Brianne Goebel
Brianna Johnson
Delaney Jones
Esraa Mousa

Jayna Lennon
Sam McRee

Gianna Jones

Hannah Chaya


“Friends from Afar” Awards for the 2019-2020 academic year

Alexander Atkins

Samuel Webster


Outstanding Achievement in Elementary Latin

Outstanding Achievement in Intermediate Lati

Outstanding Achievement in Intermediate Greek

Outstanding Achievement in Classical Studies

Josh Carter
Chase Turnipseed

Noah Barton
Alex Fong

Nashim Uddin (via ECU)
Laura Smith

Zoe Hayward
Taylor Nelson


The English as a Second Language Teacher Education Award

Katee Finegan
Language Education

Arlene Malinowski Memorial Award

FLL Teacher Education Distinguished Alumni Award

Alyson Willcox

Caroline Hinson


Julia Wood Skinner Scholarship Award

Outstanding French Minor

Outstanding French Major

Outstanding Contribution to the French Club

Nico Defosse

Claire Fasel

Katelyn Bohn

Erika Helmers
Tina Lyons-Bowman

Charlotte Bulkeley


Outstanding First Year German Student

Outstanding Second Year German Student

Outstanding Third Year German Student

Outstanding German Minor

Outstanding German Major

Julia Wood Skinner Scholarship Award

Emma Marvel

Grace McNabb

Seth Wise

Olivia Grace Halferty

Lillian Morrell

Leo Tuenker

Joshua Aelick

Quinton Moore
Kaija Beesley

Fisher Stines
Mackenzie Lamb


Outstanding Graduate Student in French

Outstanding Graduate Student in Spanish


Kalavik McNamara

Ana Montiel Sánchez


Excellence in Elementary Hindi-Urdu

Excellence in Intermediate Hindi-Urdu

James Einwaechter

Arfan Warraich


Outstanding Service to the Italian Club

Julia Wood Skinner Scholarship Award

Max Ragosta

Isabel Jackson

Persian Outstanding Achievement in Persian

Sarah Muti
Ji Hyun Kim


Excellence in First Year Portuguese

Excellence in Second Year Portuguese

Excellence in Portuguese to Spanish Translation

Laurel Settlemire

Karina Miller 
Caitlin Studer

Dylan Bradford


Outstanding Spanish Senior

Spanish Faculty Award

Outstanding Service to the Spanish Program

Bailey Ambrister
Cassia Barry
John Gibson
Catherine Holland
Joel Lewis
Catherine Wagner

Dylan Bradford

Dylan Bradford