Max Ragosta

Italian Club Service

Mr. Max Ragosta is a Business Administration major with a minor in Italian Studies. He studies Italian because he has a genuine passion for the language and culture, and he is proud of his Italian heritage. Max has served as treasurer first and later as president of the Italian Club since Fall 2018. The main goal of the Italian Club is to connect students interested in the Italian language and culture through various Italian-based activities. Max is doing a great job at that. He has shown his exceptional leadership skills by planning several events for the club, such as evenings at the opera theater, visits to the Art Museum, and Italian cooking classes. As the Italian Club advisor, on many occasions, Anna Rita Bonaduce Dresler has had the opportunity to observe how effortlessly Max interacts in Italian with other Italian native speakers and members of the club. Being an officer for the Italian Club means for Max to be able to transmit his enthusiasm about Italian language, art, architecture, music, and culture to other students on campus.