Isabel Jackson Skinner

Ms. Isabel Jackson attended Anna Rita Bonaduce Dresler class FLI 102 – Elementary Italian II- last semester. She received an A+ for this course. She is attending FLI 201 with great success this semester. Isabel has always shown a great enthusiasm and a strong interest not only in the Italian language but also an understanding for the Italian culture,  due also to her Italian cultural heritage. I am really impressed with her great mastery of the Italian language. Her speaking, writing, listening and reading skills go well beyond that of most students in her class. She is an active and engaged class participant and she always completes her assignments well and in a timely fashion.  She has a wonderful rapport with other classmates and she is admired and respected. Seldom absent, always prepared, Isabel has been a teacher’s delight. I have always been touched by Isabel’s honesty and courtesy and It has been an honor having her in class.  A gem  about Isabel: She is the “Green Cape Gal” at NC State and she wears it with pride.