Undergraduate Programs

Whether you're coming to NC State with several years of language under your belt or you’re entirely new to foreign language, you've come to the right spot. With top faculty and award-winning, diverse programs, the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures is a great place to start.

Major in Foreign Languages and Literatures (Concentration Options)

What does it mean to choose your major in Foreign Languages and Literatures? For one thing, it means you’ll learn more than just a new language you’ll learn a new culture. You’ll also find that your studies intersect with courses in literature, film and linguistics, giving you new perspectives on the world’s histories and traditions in six different major concentration options. 

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NC State Language Exchanges

The NC State Language Exchange provides students the opportunity to enroll in courses at campuses other than their home campus at no additional cost. Each exchange represents a different discipline. These exchanges can enhance the courses offered in the student's major program or can provide courses in disciplines not offered on the student's campus.

NC State Language Exchange