Foreign Language Education Advising

French and Spanish Education Majors should bookmark this site and refer to it often. Licensure is K-12 in North Carolina and requires the following:

  • BA in content area from an accredited Teacher Preparation program
  • Successful student teaching semester
  • 2.75 GPA
  • Passing scores on Praxis I (or SAT, ACT) and Praxis II (content area)
  • Passing scores on edTPA Portfolio 
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Semester Advising

All students must complete a Plan of Work online through MyPack portal. Advising workshops are held each semester and students should contact me with any advising questions. Once the Plan of Work is approved, the advising hold will be released.

Pack Planner Video Tutorial

It is helpful to follow the 8-Semester displays when choosing courses as it already takes into consideration when courses are usually offered, proper sequencing, and pre-reqs needed. This useful tool can be found at: Undergraduate Course and Curricula. In addition, the Degree Audit in MyPack Portal is interactive, which means you can click on a group or category to find a list of acceptable courses.

It is important to pay attention to pre-requisites and restrictions as each college has different requirements.

Need help with the MyPack Portal Enrollment procedures?  Go through the easy Enrollment Guide.

Enrollment Guide (PDF)

Do not take courses for S/U unless they are Health and PE or free electives.

What is the Foreign Language Education Major?

In order to teach French or Spanish in North Carolina, a teaching license is required. The license for French and Spanish is K-12 in North Carolina. We have reciprocity with many states, therefore your license goes with you if you wish to teach out-of-state. NC State allows students to pursue a regular degree in French or Spanish Languages and Literatures while also receiving a NC Teaching License in their content area. The total number of hours required are 123 and include:

  • 27 hours of Core Languages and Literatures curriculum (in French or Spanish)
  • 9 hours of Advised Electives
  • 30 hours of Professional Education Curriculum
  • 21 hours of Humanities and Social Sciences requirements
  • 9 hours of Free Electives*
  • 27 hours of University General Education Plan requirements (GEP)

There are add-on (in addition to French or Spanish) certification areas such as ESL, German, or Chinese - see Mrs. Peterson ( for more information.  For complete information on Degree Requirements, please visit the Registration & Records site. All French or Spanish Teacher Education majors must complete six pieces of evidence (includes part of edTPA), as well as attend professional development workshops (4.5 PGU credits by graduation). Evidences will be completed as part of your professional education coursework. It is your responsibility to upload all pieces of evidence to SAGE (found in MyPack portal), as well as register and attend the Professional Development Workshops.

*Recommended Free Electives: ESL add-on courses (15 CR) or TESOL certification; Other language courses

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Study Abroad

Studying abroad is a great way to experience the language and culture outside of the university setting. The Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures has several study abroad programs for summer study, inluding France, Peru, and Spain. There is a semester abroad program to Spain, as well as international student teaching options to Brazil or China. The study abroad office also has programs to Ecuador and Costa Rica.  The first step is to visit the study abroad website to find a program that interests you and works with your schedule (summer or semester). Then, meet with your adviser to formulate a plan. Make sure you pay attention to application deadlines and plan in advance to ask for recommendations from your instructors. Students can complete up to 6 credit hours of study in the summer, or up to 15 in a semester.

General Curricula Information

The Office of Undergraduate Courses and Curricula website includes information about courses, general requirements, and the 8-semester displays. Registration & Records website is very helpful for students. Calendars, courses, forms, and other curricula information can also be found there.

Undergraduate Catalog

How Do I Change My Major?

Humanties and Social Sciences Intra-campus transfer admission policy
Students who wish to change to another major in H&SS or to add a second major in the college will be eligible to submit an electronic application once they have completed at least 12 letter-graded hours and have a GPA of at least 2.0. Departments will review all applicants on a competitive basis. Candidates who meet the preferred requirements as outlined by each department have a higher probability of being accepted for admission. However, meeting the preferred requirements does not guarantee admission to the desired major. For complete transfer requirements for all Humanities and Social Sciences programs, visit the CODA (Change of Degree Application) website.

  • Requirements for Application to the Foreign Languages and Literatures Department: Recommended completion of ENG 101 with a grade B or better and FLF, FLG or FLS 201 and 202 with a grade of B- or better.

Foreign Language Education Concentration
Residency Requirements: A maximum of 15 hours of transfer credit may be applied toward the major. FLx 492 must be completed at NC State. Graduation Requirements: A grade of "C" or better is required for all courses that satisfy the professional education requirement for teacher licensure.  A 2.75 GPA in the major is required for licensure.  In addition, students must complete a teaching portfolio (edTPA) and get a passing score on the content area PRAXIS II test.

*Keep in mind that late year transfers (Junior or Senior) will find it difficult to complete the degree requirements in four years. Please consider carefully if this is the right decision for you and seek advice from an advisor.

Contact Information

Hannah Bollinger Peterson
Foreign Language Education Adviser

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