Tutoring Information

Tutoring takes place on days when classes are in session according to the languages/schedules below. Be sure to review this page prior to attending a tutoring session as schedules are subject to change with advance notice.

French Tutoring

Tutoring Schedule

Elise Bouley

Thursdays  14:00–16:00

Mondays    13:00–15:00

Location: 2nd floor lobby of Withers Hall.

Additional Resources: See recommended French grammar links.

Spanish Tutoring

Free tutoring sessions are available for students in FLS  101, 102, 105, 110 and 201.

Tutoring will resume Fall Semester 2019

* Drop-in sessions, first come, first served
* Small groups of students in same course may be tutored at the same time
* If there are multiple students at a session, the tutor will work with a student or students in a particular course at one time, addressing questions and rotating between all students present. The tutor will work with one student or group no more than 15 minutes at a time if students in other classes are waiting.

Expectations: Bring your textbook (electronic or hard copy) and homework, in order to be prepared to ask your questions. Please refer to the Guidelines for Working with a Tutor on the Spanish Lower Division Policies page.

Spanish Computer-based Tutorials

Keyboard Setup – Help with foreign diacritical; Dr. Despain's computing support site
Plazas 4 Web Page - Heinle Cengage Plazas 4 site
Anki - Flashcard program
Spanish Language and Culture - Barbara Cuczun Nelson - Colby College
CONJUGUEMOS Home Page - Alejandro Yegros (Maestro de español, Weston High School, MA)
Spanish Language Exercises - Juan Ramón De Arana
* Tell Me More, a software package that assists students in improving their language skills; it is available in the CHASS Laundry (Language and Computer Labs Building) 214 computer lab.   http://it.news.chass.ncsu.edu/2015/12/15/tell-me-more/.
* Tal Como Suena - Six Spanish pronunciation modules designed by Gillian Lord, Spanish linguistics professor at the University of Florida.

Additional information for tutoring schedules for lower-division language courses will be posted here as it becomes available. If you have information to be added to this page, please send it to Webmaster.